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Dancefx is proud to present a spectrum of daytime classes for home school students.

With a new session starting on August 8th 2016, and registering now, these day-time classes will explore different genres of dance with master Dancefx instructors, and will encourage movement, coordination and learning in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Classes will run through May 14, 2017, and will have the opportunity to perform in the May Spring Concert. Call Dancefx at 706-355-3078 or email with any questions!



12:30pm Coed Breakdance (Ages 11+) with Mittchel Seabolt
1:30pm Elementary Hip-Hop (Ages 11+) with Brittney Seabolt

2016-2017 CLASS RATES

Dancefx is a not-for-profit organization that strives to provide the best dance education at the lowest rates possible. If circumstances prevent you from being able to pay full tuition, please call Allison at 706-355-3078 and she can discuss options available.