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Welcome to the Dancefx Atlanta Summer Schedule! For more information about our youth, adult, and company programs, email or visit the studio in person.

You may join class NOW and at any point in this session that runs through August 6th.
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3:00pm Adult Beginning Hip-Hop with Arron Davidson
4:00pm Adult Contemporary Fusion with Arron Davidson
5:00pm Adult Video Vibe Hip-Hop with Arron Davidson
6:00pm Adult Beginning Contemporary with Eilene Epperson

4:45pm Company Intensive (Ages 8-12) with Payton McCarty
5:30pm Youth Ballet/Jazz (Ages 7-11) with Eilene Epperson
6:15pm FX Hip Hop (Ages 13-18) with Eileen Himel
7:15pm FX Beginning Ballet with Kia Street
7:30pm Adult Advanced Contemporary with Allison Hayn
8:30pm Adult Advanced Jazz with Allison Hayn

3:30pm Elem Hip-Hop (Ages 7-9) with Arron Davidson
4:30pm PreK 1 Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-5) with Payton McCarty
4:30pm Tween Hip-Hop (Ages 9-12) with Arron Davidson
6:30pm Pointe 2 (Ages 11+) with Emi Ferguson
6:30pm Pre-Pointe (Ages 9+) with Eilene Epperson
7:30pm Adult Partnering for Contemporary with Emi F. and Eilene E.
8:30pm Adult Int/Adv Ballet with Emi Ferguson
8:30pm Buti Yoga *$10 Drop-in FIT class rate with Lorien Talmadge

5:00pm Intermediate FX Jazz (Ages 12-18) with Payon McCarty
6:00pm FX Ballet (1.5 hr class, Ages 12-18) with Emi Ferguson
6:30pm Adult Beginning Jazz with Allison Hayn
7:30pm Adult Femme Hip-Hop (18+) with Serita Berry Foster
7:30pm Adult Beginning Ballet with Allison Hayn
8:30pm Adult Beginning Contemporarywith Allison Hayn


4:30pm FX Stretch & Conditioning (Ages 10+) with Amber Colmey
4:30pm Elem Hip-Hop (Ages 5-9) with Arron Davidson
5:30pm Int FX Contemporary (Ages 12-18) with Amber Colmey
5:30pm Tween Contemporary/Lyrical (Ages 9-12) with Payton McCarty
6:30pm Acro (Ages 10+) with Amber Colmey
7:30pm Adult Musical Theatre with Payton McCarty
8:30pm Adult Beginning Tap with Payton McCarty

Creative Movement* (Ages 2.5-3.5) with Charis Booker

10:30am PreK (Ages 3.5-5) with Charis Booker

*Denotes 45 Minute Class. All other classes are one hour.




Dancefx is a not-for-profit organization that strives to provide the best dance education at the lowest rates possible. If circumstances prevent you from being able to pay full tuition, please email to discuss options available. Tuition for youth program classes is due on the 1st of each month.

**Summer Tuition is Due on the 15th of the each month.

45 min/week - $50/month
1 hour/week - $65/month
2 hour/week - $100/month
3 hours/week - $125/month
4 hours/week - $160/month

5 hours/week - $190/month
6 hours/week - $215/month
7 hours/week - $245/month
8 hours/week - $275/month
9 hours/week - $305/month
Unlimited - $335/month



Atlanta SUMMER Class Descriptions





New dancers explore movement and rhythm through basic dance steps in ballet and tap! Dancers will also have fun using manipulatives, music, and rhymes to help them practice dance fundamentals in and exciting and positive environment. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, leotard and tights required. 45 minute class.

PRE-K Ballet/tap 1/2 (Ages 3.5-5)

A gentle introduction to ballet and tap technique and concepts in a fun and energetic classroom environment. With classic youth-friendly songs and pre-dance movement, this class is dedicated to helping your child fall in love with dance, meet some new friends and have a wonderful time in a positive atmosphere. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, pink tights and leotard are required. PreK 1 and 2 are suggested levels indicating first and second year dancers.


In a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz, elementary-aged children will learn and then build on the basics in each style. Each class is a combination of barre work, across the floor, center floor combinations and technique, which will lead dancers to feel comfortable and confident in ballet, tap, and jazz in a positive and fun dance environment. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes, leotard and tights required. Suggested designations A-C indicate age of dancer:
A=age 5-6
B=age 7-8
C=age 9-10


Have a fabulous time dancing to fun, age-appropriate hip hop music! Young dancers will stretch, learn weekly high energy, youth friendly combinations, and practice hip-hop isolations in a positive, nurturing environment with lots of friends! Sharp and strength-building movements combined with beat driven music allow for a great time!


Calling all Triple Threats! Broadway and musical theater training for those who love to sing and dance. A Broadway based warm-up and various theatre exercises to get your mind and body ready for the stage!  Weekly combinations to songs straight from Broadway and from musicals.

FX2 and FX3 CLASSES/Middle and High School Classes(Dancers Ages 11-18)

Dancefx has a special pre-professional program for Middle School and High School students- The FX2/3 Program. Open to those who are new to dance and those with lots of dance training, the FX2/3 Program offers specialized training in a variety of genres that your dancer can pick from- ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary/lyrical, hip-hop, and Pointe. In general, the FX3 level classes are great for beginners (age 11-18), and the FX2 classes are for more advanced training. You are welcome to start out in one level and shift for a faster or slower paced class. If your dancer is seeking additional performance opportunities, and a team experience, they should consider the FX2 and FX3 Performance Companies.
FX2 and FX3 Performance Companies:
For committed FX2/3 dancers wanting the best in choreography and instruction, additional performance opportunities in a positive and exciting dance company environment. Requirements: Rehearsal (one hour per week, plus occasional extras), ballet, jazz and one elective.


Ballet barre, variations and technique. Dancers will achieve proper execution of basic and increase ballet vocabulary. Ballet shoes, pink tights and solid colored leotard required.


Ballet technique en pointe. Student must be enrolled in a ballet class at Dancefx. Taught at Beg-Int level. 


Ashley Jenkins covers all levels and styles of tap dance this session. Beginners will learn tap basics and build their knowledge of sounds and tap vocabulary with plenty of style and lots of fun. More advanced tappers will be given rhythmic challenges, advanced tap tricks, and fast-paced choreography.  Tap shoes required.


The latest moves to today’s hottest music taught by Atlantas’ Hip-Hop connoisseurs. Warm-up, Hip-Hop isolations and weekly combinations with a double dose of abs, legs, arms, and cardio- its the whole package! Dancers will stretch, condition, and practice isolations to improve sharp, beat-driven hip hop movements. Weekly high energy combinations will keep dancers moving and having a poppin’ and lockin’ good time.


Classic jazz technique and combinations with tricks, leaps, and turns. Combinations focus on style, stage presence, and execution and continuously strengthen and sharpen movements. Soft-soled jazz shoes required.


New-to-jazz dancers will learn the basics of jazz dance and technique in a fun and encouraging environment. Jazz Dance will increase flexibility, core strength and balance as well as musicality. An outgrowth of ballet's fusion with contemporary music, jazz dance often uses popular radio music to inspire movement that is similar to both theater and street dancing. Get ready for kicks, turns, tricks and fun! Soft-soled jazz shoes required.


Intermediate and Advanced Jazz are for dancers who are ready to enhance their jazz dance vocabulary and ability. This class will be tailored to the individual dancer's needs and address technique, turns, leaps, tricks and Dancefx style. Dancers should have prior knowledge of basic jazz dance and be able to do a double pirouette. It is a great pairing with Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary if you desire more choreography, combos, and dance time.


An exploration of music and movement with choreography, technique, improvisation, and lyrical expression in an environment that allows dancers to enjoy the unique art of dance. Feel good songs & movement.


Now coming to a public spotlight in FOX's So, You Think You Can Dance, Contemporary Dance is a feel-good, self-expression based movement to often slower modern songs. Though Contemporary Dance places the choreographer in total control, the dancer is able to shape the movement to suit their feelings at that moment. Brought to public popularity by Mia Michaels, Contemporary Dance gives you a moment in your day to relax, move and clear your head. This beginners class is taught at an easy going pace and will be tailored to the participants in the class. Dancers will work on increasing balance, agility, stretch and strength.


Now coming to a public spotlight in FOX's So, You Think You Can Dance, Contemporary Dance is a feel-good, self expression based movement to often slower modern songs. Dancers should have a basic knowledge of ballet technique and desire a quicker paced, choreography based class. Full warm up with technique training exercises, across the floor and a focus on the weekly combos, it will reignite your love of dance. For a technique building class pairing, take with Int or Adv Jazz.


Leaps and Turns will give you a one-on-one experience in this group class. Enhance your jump height, precision and spectrum while perfecting and learning classic and trendy turns and turn combos. Just watching Stephanie will give you a new appreciation for excellent leaps and turns- and you could be next! This is an Open Level class, all levels are welcome and will be addressed.


"Heels" is an amazing class, great for women to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin, gain confidence in their own sexy, and completely transform their bodies with cardio and workouts. Bring your heels!!! 


E'mote is its own technique designed to give all dancers trained in numerous styles a place to be uninhibited, free, and unfiltered in their movement.  In an art form where we are trained in exquisite technique and expected to execute with precision​, we tend to lose our voice​.  We don’t know how to move our own bodies when the music comes on, without choreography given. E’Mote creates a safe, non-judging place for dancers to discover themselves as movers. It incorporates improvisational exercises, an across-the-floor “get off of your center” warm-up, and choreography designed to be interpreted differently from the choreographer.