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tuition and fees

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Valid for Youth and Adult Programs

Below are the Dancefx AUTOPAY rates. Tuition is $5 more a month if you are paying month to month.

Trial Class (one time only)$8
Drop In Fee (per class after trial)$20
4 Class Punch Card $75
10 Class Punch Card $180
45 min/week $50/month
1 hour/week $65/month
1.5 hour/week $85/month
2 hours/week $100/month
2.5 hours/week $115/month
3 hours/week $130/month
3.5 hours/week $145/month
4 hours/week $160/month
4.5 hours/week $175/month
5 hours/week $190/month
5.5 hours/week $205/month
6 hours/week $215/month
6.5 hours/week $230/month
7 hours/week $245/month
7.5 hours/week $260/month
8 hours/week $275/month
8.5 hours/week $290/month
9 hours/week $305/month
9.5 hours/week $320/month
Unlimited $335/month
Annual Registration Fee$25
Family Registration Fee$35


Unsure about a class? New in town? Try your first class for just $8.

If you register for class, this will be applied toward your tuition. After trial class, dropping in is $20 per class.


Punch cards are good for any Dancefx Adult Program class, and most Youth Program Classes. Call before you drop into a class to confirm that it's on!

  • 4 Class Card- $70
  • 10 Class Card- $175
    (must be redeemed within 3 months and may be extended for $5)

2015-2016 Session Information

Program & Tuition Information


Pay in full at registration and receive a 10% discount. Pay in 2 installments and receive a 5% total discount. Second installment is due by January 1.


Estimate your costume fees to be around $57.50 per class. Discounts will be given for paying early, installment options will be available, and we will post that information here. Youth program dancers have the opportunity to be in the Dancefx Holiday Showcase and the FX Spring Concert. For some dancers that perform many times, costumes may be borrowed or from the Dancefx costume closet. Most male dancers will be responsible for finding their own costumes, but should be basic (ex. red t-shirt and black pants). If you would like your dancer to perform, but can't pay, please contact us before withdrawing or choosing not to perform- there are often options to consider!


There are many performance opportunities for different groups of dancers, but the main shows are the Holiday show in early December and the FX Spring Concert in May. The Holiday show is free for all to attend. Only the Youth Program and Dancefx Company perform in this show.

The FX Spring Concert is held at a local theater. You should expect to pay between $10 and $12 for student tickets, and between $12 and $16 for Adult tickets.


Each year, Dancefx takes a group of dancers to The PULSE. Tuition is around $200. More Information at


Youth Company dancers will have the opportunity to attend competition. Fees are usually between $30-$50 per dancer per dance. This is an OPTION, not a requirement. Competition is usually in May, but we can add more if the company dancers chose to be more involved!